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Baijiu: The Essential Guide to Chinese Spirits

Drawing on interviews with baijiu aficionados, distillers, and key players in the alcoholic beverage industry, Sandhaus introduces the history and development of alcohol in China—the birthplace of grain-based alcohol. Distillation and production processes, the landscape of the industry today, and a page-by-page guide to the major varieties, distilleries and brands all feature in Baijiu: The Essential Guide to Chinese Spirits.

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Décadence Mandchoue: The China Memoirs of Edmund Trelawny Backhouse

In 1898 a young Englishman walked into a homosexual brothel in Peking and began a journey that he claims took him all the way to the bedchamber of imperial China’s last great ruler, the Empress Dowager Tz’u Hsi. Published now for the first time, the controversial memoirs of Sinologist Sir Edmund Backhouse provide a unique and shocking glimpse into the hidden world of China’s imperial palace, with its rampant corruption, grand conspiracies, and uninhibited sexuality. 

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Tales of Old Peking

A forbidden city for Westerners for hundreds of years, China’s capital has always been viewed as one of the world’s most mysterious cities. This book re-creates a sense of old Peking through a pastiche of historical snippets—stories, quotations, cartoons, postcards and drawings—and shares intriguing tidbits about the Imperial Court. Placing Peking in the context of the Boxer Rebellion, when two very different yet equally headstrong cultures clashed, this is a valuable source for those interested in Chinese history.

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